Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation

Health practitioners assess a patient during a psilocybin treatment session.

The investigation of next-generation therapeutic approaches using psychedelics, entheogens, cannabinoids, and other psychoactive substances is rapidly accelerating. The MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation degree at the University of Wisconsin–Madison will support graduates who will lead this exciting industry. More about PPI

Applied Drug Development

In the rapidly growing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, industry leaders are seeking employees with an advanced degree and real-world experience. The MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Applied Drug Development program from the University of Wisconsin–Madison was designed in collaboration with industry partners who are looking to fill the skill gap between entry-level and research scientists. More about ADD

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Blending technical expertise with valuable 21st-century skills, two professional MS degree programs offered by the top-ranked School of Pharmacy prepare graduates for a wide variety of careers. These programs feature courses built around project-based learning, critical thinking, scientific communication, and collaborative team projects.

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